Love and hate: a night of a painful passion overseas—An Erotic story

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RWe’ve moved to his apartment, located at the suburb of Amsterdam and he finally arranged the wine, as promised when we left the bar.


It was the weekend and after endless meetings and disquieting negotiations it was at least fair that I could enjoy the city- one of the scant perks of having a crazy agenda of international business travels.


Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my job and I’ll never really complain about it. I’ve been working for years to be where I’m now, dedicating my capacities to this company and working twice as hard as every single men to reach till the top, but sometimes the only thing that a girl needs after a long week of grind is to enjoy the places where I travel and luckily have a nice taste of the local cuisine…


As I always do, I try to separate slot in my agenda, mostly at the weekends to visit some nice places at the cities that I visit, so I’ve went to this nice cocktail bar called Door 74. By myself.


A girl needs some time alone occasionally.


And there starts my hunt.


Tonight, I was craving for something sweet and delicate. Something nice and silk to the taste. Just like Katherine… I can still taste her sometimes.


I was there for a few minutes sipping my Nordess gin when I saw him.


As a good Dutch fella, he was very tall, probably 6.3’ feet. His light brown hair was meticulously arranged and his piercing blue eyes, oh! Those eyes… always focused and sparingly observing everything.  And sexy lean body. But his amazing features wasn’t the main cause of my instant and surprising attraction.


He smiled at me and honestly, it was quite evident…


As I’ve mentioned before, I was really craving for something sweet and usually when I’m “hunting” I stick to the plan otherwise, what kind of chaser would I be? But sometimes life presents undeniable challenges, and you forcibly must swallow the cum that life spurts on your mouth.


The problem wasn’t even his looks (I’ve said before, he was a snack) or even the fact that he didn’t fit into the scaffold plan that I’ve had in mind for that night, but the point was… the assembly with the bastard.


The same hawk and devilish eyes, trailing every single one of my movements, controlling me, hurting me, making my childhood and teenage years a complete hell on earth.


Now, this might sound very Freudian, but sometimes I wonder if those countless sex adventures, mind games and the bid for control and dominance came from him.


No! I’m not him!


A sudden shadow towering me woke me up from my head trip. It was him.


“May I sit?” that hot Satan asked me.


“Sure! But only if you tell me how, you’ve spotted that I’m not from here, since you came here with your good English.”


“Well, you have a very exotic and amazing beauty. Certainly, something we don’t see here every day.”


“So, this is your pickup line to get into vulnerable foreigners here?” I smiled mischievously


“You really don’t look vulnerable to me, but we like to welcome our visitors very well here and I’m pretty sure I could show you some nice time.”


He knew.


Somehow, he knew what I was and why I was there for or that was just a cheap pickup line, but he didn’t seem to be the dumb-hunk type, but the point is, I couldn’t let him know right away why I was there and… fuck! He is just the spitted image of him.


It might sound crazy but tonight I wanted him to HAVE me. The pain and scars from the past, acted in a mysterious way today, catching me disarmed.


A real-life Stockholm syndrome story. I was feeling horny and weirdly drowned into that man. A living version of my horrible and abusive father. Why? That’s such a Freudian cliché.


We’ve talked for a little and as a good guest he made the offer.


“I have a great wine at home. Maybe we would be more comfortable there.”


I know what you are thinking. This can go very wrong, but I’ve been in this game for a long time now and I could trust my instincts. Tonight, wasn’t a prevailing night. This rogue of a man showed up and made a mess of me. And now, I want him to take me and do me as he wishes.


My body was in a full state of relaxation while we were sitting side by side on his balcony. The smell of fresh painting from the renovation of his apartment was still there, mixed with the summery sent of the crispy leaves coming from the trees in the back garden.


I closed my eyes for a moment, so I could enjoy the gentle breeze coming from outside, touching my skin and softly raising a small portion of my light dress, exposing my left tight.


Maybe this was the trigger, or maybe this was the labor of the Pinot Grigio, but the next thing I felt was a wave of sudden and powerful lust when he came closer, without any warning - I’ve opened my eyes.


I could feel the skin of his arms touching mine and his eyes, those piercing blue eyes, were looking deep into mine and he came even closer and at this point, I could feel the warmth of his deep breath and my body instantly reacted.


“Are we riding that path, baby?” – I’ve said with a smile.


He leaned forward and touched the skin of my exposed legs.


The bulge in his pants were a clear answer to my question, denouncing his intentions and that full volume trapped my eyes for a couple of seconds, making the inside of my legs instantly damp.


“Zo ongelofelijk lekker” he whispered in my ears.


“What does it mean?” – I’ve asked trying to keep focused but my vision was blurred, and I felt my chest panting unrequitedly.


“Unbelievably hot and attractive.”- he said.


His eyes never let go of mine. I trembled but smiled. The instant horniness and mutual attraction between us, was undeniable. My smooth shaved pussy got instantly wet, and I finally knew what was about to come.


His northwestern European accent always made the hair on my nape stand up. His lips were touching my ears when he said that, and I could smell the fresh grapes from the few glasses of wine that we had on his breath. I closed my eyes again and bit my lips.


His right hand firmly grabbed my face making me awake from my stargazing.


He smirked and kissed me and with a swift he lifted me up, carrying me.


My mind was humming from the alcohol and the passion. My body was warm, and I could feel my nipples sharp like a tip of a spear, scratching his chest. I sighed again. I could feel the tip of his penis slightly touching my right thigh while he was still carrying me. His body was hot, and his lips never stopped kissing me. Urgently and sensually.


With my arms and legs wrapped around his torso, he took me inside on a swift motion and throw me in his bed. He never bothered to close the curtains or his balcony doors, maybe he wanted to put up a nice little show to his neighbors.


I was soaked. I felt like I was living one of those erotic stories for women and I was ready for it.


My chest was painting, and I could feel my blood pumping in my ears. I’ve ripped his white shirt off, exposing his perfect oblique lines.


Shit! Those oblique lines.


My eyes went down again, and his dick was peeking me over already from his boxers and even trespassing the limits of his shorts. I’ve wanted to have it in my mouth right away!


I took off my dress in a rapid movement, exposing my tits to his greedy eyes. He wanted to have them, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve needed that cock in my mouth.


I’ve asked him to sit at the edge of his bed and I went down on my knees, in front of him. His legs were walling me, and I’ve took his shorts off.


I’ve let my eyes get lost for a moment into those obliques and they guided to a path of wonder. His cock was nice and thick, and, on his gland, I could already see a shiny drop of precum. I loved how horny he was.


I’ve grabbed the base of his dick and with my right hand I’ve hold it and licked the tip of it. He has so hard.


I’ve started to lick the top of and suck it gently. Making circle movements with my tongue. His legs were twitching on my side, his head were thrown back, and his eyes were closed. He moaned. He was enjoying every moment of it, so did I.


His cock was so amazing that I’ve started to drool all over it, using my lips on the side, up and down, brushing it all over. My hands were massaging his balls and with a quick peek, I could’ve seen that his toes were curling over the pleasure.


I’ve finally started to suck him. The drooling was dripping down till the base of his dick, my hands were helping with the work. He leaned forward, and his hands reached my tits while I was feasting my mouth with him. My lips were touching the base of his belly and I could feel him poking the end of my throat. I’ve gagged and he moaned.


“Oh fuck!” he said between his teeth.


I had to breath for a little, with my mouth open but my hands were still working. I looked into his eyes. They were semi closed, but I could tell they were grateful.


His fingers started to pinch my nipples and make circling movements with it. I have quite sensitive ones and when I’ve realized, I was sitting in puddle of my own arousal.


He suddenly grabbed both of my arms and pulled me over him. He kissed me passionately. My legs trembled a little and my face was wet from the sloppy and passionate work previously done.


He gave a little slap on my pussy while I was standing up in front of him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer, and his other hand came to sit on my hip. And then he eagerly started to lick and suck my breasts, like they were big pieces of candy.


My fingers instantly ran through his hair while his face was swamped into my chest.


I could feel myself dripping. My body was convulsing with pleasure and his skilled tongue were making me reach higher levels of orgasm when with his deep voice, he announced:


“I want to eat you now.”


He lays me down and my head was right next to the bedframe. He crawled back down and lays down with his stomach in the mattress. His head was between my legs.


He looked at me and smiled and I could feel myself as withstand gushing water fountain.


He separated my thighs from each other and finally used his thumbs on the limits of my butt cheeks and legs. His palms were under my glutes, and he was holding me as an open book.


As the cheeks were separated, his tongues started to hum around and suddenly it was deeper into me, making up and down movements.


One of his hands came up and squeezed my left breast, while the other was placed on right thigh, pushing it into the mattress, so I could be fully open. He was a beautiful beast.


He was finally licking me up vigorously and now his left hand went down again and softly pulled up the top of my pussy, exposing my clit. He was exploring it. Slowly moving his tongue up and down and licking my clit while one (or maybe two) of his right fingers, went inside my pussy.


I was almost passing out from the pleasure, and he was eating me like I was his prey, loudly and proudly. He was breathing and moaning so loud while he was there between my thighs, that I could feel the vibration transferring from his vocal cords through his lips into my precious… Ugh! And my body was quivering with excitement. I finally moaned.


“I need you inside me. NOW!”


I’ve pulled him up he was hard rock. His eyes were flaming with desire.


My legs were still shaking when he slides in. I’ve sighted.


He was on top of me, taking me like I’ve always belonged to him, our foreheads together, lips kissing deliciously. Making love passionately.


His heavy and passionate breathing were next to my ears, I could feel that his body wanted me, craved me for a long time. His hips were thrusting again and again over my pelvis while his fingers were stimulating my clit.  


My whole body was trembling.


His hips went on a sexy and precise thrust movement, and his dick were all the way inside me - Fuck! He is good!


All the sudden he pulled out his cock and grabbed my waist. With a fast and stainless movement, he flipped me over so my stomach would be laying into the mattress.


 Both of his hands lifted my hips up in a dog style position and finally he slides his cock inside me again. This time faster, stronger, and more vivid.


My breasts were moving to the rhythm of his bangs. I couldn’t help myself and started to scream with pleasure.


He grabbed my face and slides one finger inside my mouth, which I’ve sucked intensely while he kept investing on me so passionately that we could hear our thigs collapsing into each other.


I was shaking with pleasure, my heart was beating fast, and I felt that I could faint anytime from the overwhelming pleasure.


Henk was undeniably hot- yes, his name is Henk… I think.


And before I could have the chance of melt under him, he pulled his cock out, and made me lean over the bed. He grabbed the sides of my hips, separated my butt cheeks with his fingers and again used his tongue to give me pleasure.


He was hungry. Feeding himself on me and I was his prey, served on denim plate.

I thought my legs would never stop shaking and once again with the strength of a lion he pulled me closer using my hips and started to bang me all over again. I’ve spasmed and my legs finally started to tremble so hard, my vision as blurry, I’ve grabbed his sheets strongly and screamed. I could feel the effect of my orgasm floating through every part of my body.


He was going faster, faster, and faster till he finally came in. I could feel his warm come filling my pussy. A big load of it.


Our breaths were heavy, and we both fell in his bed, exhausted and sweaty.


He had a smile on his face when he finally looked at me. He leaned over and kissed my forehead. That felt a little weird.


“Welcome to Netherlands.” he whispered


“ Thank you” I mumbled with a smile.

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