How to make $1000 in a week


  • The background
  • The strategy
  • The final results
  • Become our next successful case


The background

We were approached by some Tiktok/FB/IG influencers who wanna have a collab with us. But they don't know how to make viral content, So We created a personal detailed plan for them and help them make trending posts, Finally, It blew up and they get huge commissions.


The strategy

  • 1 – Reading our successful cases(we made it viral)
  • 2 – Choosing a hot related topic
  • 3 – Making a hot cover
  • 4 – Writing a great caption
  • 5 – Little trick to hack more traffic 
  • 6– Learn from these failed cases 

One week final results

Become our next successful case

Contact us to create a personal plan for you, We'll help you make $1000 in a week.


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