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Welcome to Bombex

Your girl power tribe! Bombex is a sex toy brand tailored for women to enhance women's sexual wellness and all-around.

You can always count on Bombex when you want to feel on top of the world.
Our products are bomb as fuck, so is the way we make you feel ;)

I have NEVER orgasmed as many times and as INTENSE as I did with this. I texted my friend after telling her and I quote “That thing is a freaking god send, it came from the heavens and was touched by angels hahahahaha”. I laughed and I think I died, but definitely came back over and over again. If you’re questioning whether you should buy it or not, BUY IT GIRL, you will NOT regret it.

Heather B.

It’s 2021 and these men keep playing us like records. It’s time to Stop selling ourselves short and use this lil guy to satisfy our needs rather than picking up weirdos or toxic men. Yes I’m talking to you Boo ! Stop letting him get the best of you if he’s not treating you like the Queen you are. 👑 Your body is a temple, protect it at all costs and treat it as such.

Aushley Sashas

This toy is full of action! I love that both ends have ten different settings ! Among my favorite is that it comes with a remote control. Hands free! Slip this little gem in snd pull them pants up and take control with your remote.It is also very quiet even though it is very powerful. The clitoral sucking end is the favorite part for me! In just a matter of moments your toes will be curling as you reach climax.


This toy works fantastically, I really enjoy that is dual ended. I assume it being used on me would be about the same as me using it on myself, both with same (wet) results. My only complaint would be that when you’re using the clitoris fondler it’s a tad bit to loud for my taste.

Sierra Kelley

This toy definitely gets you "there" quickly. One of my favorites for a quick O. The suction is very powerful and it is the perfect size. Definitely recommend this toy!


All Women should have this in life I saw God in less than 10 seconds It really worth it Will blow your mind and give you tons of orgasms.

Khristina Botkin