8 tips to introduce (maybe literally) a vibrator in your partnered sex life – female sexuality (queer/cis) edition

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Looking for tips on how to improve your sex life in porn movies or videos can be frustrating if you are a female (queer, cis or trans).

We reckon that porn is made for entertainment purposes (mainly male) and some of the scenes can be quite unpalatable for some people’s tastes, especially when it comes to lesbian sex.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word as a gospel. Some of those movies can really bring some inspiration and dust some of that spiciness that you are looking for if you are more experienced or feel comfortable with that, but sometimes it might be hard to relate to it.

Now, if you are looking for some inspiration to spice it up your partnered sex life, getting out of the routine and put an end on those mighty fake orgasms so nobody gets a capsized ending, we might have a nice tip for you.

But before we start, of course, each relationship has its own dynamics and respect the boundaries of your own desires and your partner’s is important. Also, a good and open communication can operate miracles as well, but we are here to present a whole new world of possibilities if you never tried them. Yes! I’m talking about vibrators, baby!

Vibrators… they are quite often treated as a second fiddle, a mischief agent that might be seen more as hinder between two than a helpful source of pleasure. And on their behalf, we are here to say that “if you never try, you’ll never know”.

Vibrators are too much fun and versatile to be just sitting on your bedside table drawer, once you find a nice one that can adapt to yours and your partners needs during some girl-to-girl fun (and let’s be frank about it: when we talk about female sexuality you don’t really have to be lesbian to have “lesbian sex”- you are free to explore your lust).

Now, as good advocates of the cause, we think that it’s fair to show all the benefits and possibilities before you adopt a cheerful friend and finally get in touch with your G-spot!  See below our tips to bliss out its usages and improve your love making:



  • Discover each other desires:

Introducing (sometimes in a literal way) a vibrator into your partnered sex life is all about consent and agreement. Both of you must be comfortable with the idea of exploring a new way to reach an orgasmic experience as a couple.

So don’t be afraid to speak out your cheeky thoughts and find out how both you can enjoy the experience together. And even for a healthy hookup- it’s always important to be aligned.

Ask your partner how they like to be touched and validate their emotions and character.


  • Keep it moisty!

Depending on the shape, functionality, and size of your vibrator, the one thing that you ever going to need is to be lubricated enough.

It’s important to remember that all bodies came into different forms, has different demands, and works at its own dispositions, so if needed, use a nice a water-based lube to keep everything oozy, avoiding any discomfort.


  • Know your own body

To choose the best options for both of you, it’s important to check the choices available and products that makes you feel good and are safe for your anatomy.

Make your research before buying anything and don’t worry, if you don’t know where to start, we got you covered! By the end of this article, we’ll show you some nice options with different functionalities, shapes, sizes, etc. that will certainly help you.  


  • Find your own way

You can be creative, or you can keep it simple at the first time while using your vibrator with your partner. We vouch for the first if you want to spice things up (after a good talk, of course).

But it’s important to find a good and nice position according to each type of vibrator that you choose so you can find your favorite spots and your partners.

Also, know which parts are more arousing for your partner- why let your vagina have all the fun?

Go crazy on nipples, anal play, oral or anything else that both of you are into. There are so many options of vibrators that can be used, for so many occasions, that you might find a whole paradise of stimulation in our store- oh yes! We have so many options, baby!


  • It’s good for you (both of you, maybe)!

Not convinced yet? Here’s something for you to keep in mind if you suffer with menstrual cramps: a pleasurable sex session or masturbation fun (Yes! During your period! Your monthly blood is natural, and you can be sexually happy with it. Free you self!!), can relief your pain.

According to Aviva Romm, M.D., the author of Hormone Intelligence, a well done masturbation can increase blood flow that is being discharged in your uterus, which might relief the pain coming from the uterine contractions, causing the discomfort.

And let’s not forget that sex produce the happiness hormones like dopamine for example, making you feel more relaxed. So, get it going, girl!


  • It makes you stronger

Have you heard about pelvic floor muscles?

If yes, we are happy to know that you know more about your body, but if you don’t, no worries, here’s something where you can start with:

A lot of things that matters for your sexual and excretory systems are located on your pelvic floor (urethra, anus, and vagina); they are all there. And the main function of your pelvic floor muscles is to hold them tight, keeping everything nice and shut, but with age those muscles tend to be lose.

So, if you experiment some nice orgasms with a certain frequency those muscles can be stronger by the exercise, helping you to control your bladder and keep your sexual life nice and tight.

And of course, a vibrator can be your long term allay for this. We are pretty sure that you and your partner will enjoy it. Just give it a try!


  • Keep it safe!

STD’s can also be transmitted by sex toys, so don’t forget- always use condoms!


After your night (or morning, or afternoon- as you wish) of love and fun, please clean your vibrating friend. He certainly deserves a nice treatment.

You can use a nice wet cloth to clean it or even purchase a hygienic solution for it- using a cloth to apply it as well.

Some of them are waterproof, so you can even wash it up. Just check the product specifications.


This is all great, right? But now you might be asking yourself, where to get some nice vibrators and what options can be nice for you to try out with your partner.

As promised, we brought a nice selection for you to explore your partnered sex and get you and your baby girl in the mood!

Check this out:











Desire Vibe:



Desire vibe (available in purple or pink)


As promised by its own name, this vibrator will bring that havoc and ravenous mania that you both might be looking for.

How do we know that?

This baby is made to give you an absolute eye rolling pleasure by getting your clit stimulated. The Desire Vibe is a waterproof, silicone made vibrator with 10 suction modes and its little and discreet design might fool you at first but this little one will be able to make you and your partner reach powerful orgasms.

If you are a first timer, don’t worry, the 10 different suction modes are adaptable and suitable for all kinds. You can just find you own vibe by easily controlling the speed and grip that it has, and, in this way, you can have control of your own pleasure and, when in a role play or used by your partner, you can also control theirs. It’s just pure excitement.

If you are worried about discretion or portability, this one comes in pretty and small silky bag so you can carry around with you.

Its ergonomic design allows you and your partner to get immersed in a sea of pleasure. It has the perfect amount of grip that won’t let you both down, but at the same time it’s very easy to knob regardless of what position you want to use it with, so go crazy!

Its soft little tip will be very gentle on your sweet spot but also very regardful of it, once it is able to cover up all the nerve endings, and it won’t let any part of it behind.

You can also be creative and go above and beyond with it. Get that fun somewhere else. Why does only pussies have fun? Its small design allows you to use it in other erogenous areas, such as nipples and so on.

Explore the wonders of your partners bodies, we are pretty sure that she will love it.

And finally, it is fully rechargeable, and it comes in two colors (purple and pink), its batteries last for a long time so you can have a bunch of fun with your partner.

Check them out by clicking on this link and enjoy the discounts offered. For sure you find out that Desire Vibe is a better bang for your buck as well.


Bumpy Bunny


Bumpy Bunny vibrator (it comes in pink)

If you want to get the best of both worlds (in and out) with your partner, the Bumpy Bunny vibrator it’s a nice option for you.

Coping with the nature this one is made by environmentally friendly silicone + ABS, which makes the rabbits happy as well. This device is a triple functional vibrator and it thrusting mechanism can please you like no other and it will adapt for both of your needs. It will bring three times more pleasure with thrusts, rotating beads, and a rabbit vibrating unit for both internal and external arousing (Yes! That best of both worlds thing we were talking about).

So, lets us go deeper on this one (the pun was intended).

Rotating beads: it creates the perfect friction on yours or your partners G-spot, whilst the shaft can also internally stimulate that pussy.

Automatic thrusting: for those who enjoy most of the penetration sex, this one is just a gift sent by the heavens. The thrusting motion will perfectly operate as stimulator while inside of her or yourself and you won’t have to tire your arms and shoulders out on a mechanical and repetitive motion once this function will do all the work for you. That’s right! Hands free, baby!

Rabbit vibrating unit: This baby can stimulate the soul out of your partners clit with its 10 intense vibration motions (which are also adaptable by her/your needs), and it can be used of course not only on clits but also nipples, anuses, and other arousing areas that your creativity permits to touch.














Tease U



Tease u vibrator (comes in purple)


Yeah! The name is also a given, isn’t it?

We surely like to give suggestive and intuitive names for our products, so you can see what’s coming for you.

This guy will suck, tease, and vibrate. Everything at the same time.

Wondering how this is possible?

 The Tease u vibrator with Its 360° bendable flexible little body can fit in and be adjusted as it pleases you. So, you can be versatile while having your fun.

It is waterproof (squirt anyone?) and its 10x10 patterns with remote control promises to bring you the best alternative for that role playing that you were looking for.

Like all our products, its ergonomically designed, discreet and easy to handle so you can take it anywhere.




Finding ways to bring a zest to your partnered sex life must be little overwhelming sometimes and it might make you feel a little bit insecure but turns out that a healthy relationship is also made of new discoveries from both ends and once you get yourself out there you can finally find a whole world of bliss.

We cannot stress enough the fact that a good communication between the two of you is the key for a pleasurable sex life and happy relationship and even if it is just a hook up and both of you are keen to try new things, this approach also works.

We vouch for new ways to explore your sexuality to find your happy ending (another unintended pun) and we hope this article can help you and your partner to get there!  


P.S: if you want to purchase more items that can help you to spice it up things, visit our store here. 

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