My rebirth——An Erotic story

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It was, for sure, the hot steamy weather, or maybe the dopamine flowing through my brain after a nice but burdensome leg session at the gym that made me feel like that, as all the way back home from the gym, my mind was wandering. Feeling rather luxurious and comp of shame.

As I entered home and left my runners at the entrance, I could feel a cool breeze coming from the hallway. My white shirt glued down to my torso, exposing my already altered nipples.

I’ve enjoyed the sensation for a couple of seconds, but my body was in urge. I could feel a single line of sweat running between my breast, as a remark of my own heat, running towards to my belly bottom. I had goose bumps.

I’ve dropped my backpack in the living room and ran to the bathroom- maybe a shower would cool me down a little, but my greed was saying otherwise.

I’ve opened the bathroom door with a rapid movement, and turned the shower on, letting the cold-water flow while I quickly took off my clothes and piled them up next to my foot.

For a second, I’ve stared at the mirror, got my hands on the sink and felt the cold marble under my palms. My cheeks were rose, and my body looked blurry for an instant. I’ve closed my eyes and let my vision rest, just listening to the water hit the bathroom floor, in a hope that it would calm down my senses, but I was wrong.

I’ve lifted my hands towards to my breasts and felt the soft skin that covers them. Let my middle finger run through it for a while till it touched my nipples.

They were sharp and hard to a pain point, and I’ve squeezed my breasts with my both hands and let a soft moan go through my teeth as realization of my lust.

One of my hands went lower, finding a hold at the entrance of my pussy. I’ve cupped it while the other hand never let go of my right breast. I’ve closed my legs a little as a poignant effort to not let my wetness flow through my already sweaty legs and my knees twitched in a convulsive protest for my sexual freedom. I was completely wet.

I went in the shower and let the water run through my body, letting it wander through it as a rightful kiss- a million of them.

While I washed my body, I’ve let my hands go all over it was easy to slide it.

The peach smell of the soap was filling up the bathroom and the steam coming from the warm shower was making me dizzy but my lust was dictating all my moves as a synesthesia of my own when I’ve suddenly felt a pulsing energy coming from my insides.

A push coming from my body as desperate scream for touch, right up to my belly button.

I’ve never felt such a strong and rebellious sensation, and for a second it took over me. A beg. A beg for something, but what it could be?

I’ve quickly got out from the shower and felt that I had to go deeper inside me and give what that sensation, that craving was crying for.

I’ve quickly dried my body and used the towel to cover my hair and put it up in a singed and tight knot on the top of my head.

I’ve tried to stay still, but my body was eager and impatient.

The peachy smell infiltrated into my room as my pores were spreading into that space- I couldn’t hold it anymore.

And in a glitch of reason I understood, my fingers wouldn’t be enough to satisfy me, I’ve needed something stronger, that would fill my pussy and storm up that sensation inside me. And then, in another brief moment of clarity, I’ve remembered about my G-Spot vibrator, resting inside my bedstand drawer, perfectly sheltered by a silk bag, placid laying there as it wasn’t something that wouldn’t rock my world in a few minutes.

I’ve avidly grab it and unfold it. The tube of lube was just right next to it a complementary invitation to a party of my own.

I couldn’t help but think about the irony for an instant of the shape of my vibrator. It was butterfly shaped. A double ended butterfly shaped vibrator that I gently placed next to me in the bed.

How come something that looked so innocent could reach the inside of my desire?

Bending myself forwards and catching the bedframe with my bare hands so I could make my body steady, I’ve sited on my legs while they were wide open and right away, I’ve started to rub my pussy with my right hand. I caressed my nipples gently with the other hand, feeling the goose bumps on my skin. I’ve pinched it with delicacy, while I indulge both in a parallel movement.

My body was hot, and I could feel how damp my pussy was by touch, and I was almost violently thrusting in an opposite direction of my own hand to greater the sensation of pleasure.

My legs started to shake, knocking me off balance for an instant and almost making me cum- I yelped a little.

My hands started to splay out of the bed frame, it was too hot.

I’ve seated in the bed looking for stability. I was dizzy with lust, my heart was beating fast, and my chest was panting.

I’ve grabbed my G-Spot vibrator again and with blundering movements, I lubed it up, on both ends, with my shaking hands.

I seated and leaned my back into my wooden bed frame, supported by the multiple pillows that I had in there. I made myself comfortable and opened my legs, as wide as I could and inserted the vibrator on my cootchie. My body shook with the feeling. I could feel it touching my G-Spot.

I sighted and arched my back. I lonely drip of sweat rolled from my temples to the base of my chin, and I could almost taste the sweet taste of the peach soap and a little bit of my own saltness.

My pussy was extremely wet, like never before. I could feel a string of my own juices flowing down the internal part of my legs, reaching the insides of my derriere, a waterfall.

By grabbing the remote control, I finally turned it on and instantly my body reacted. Out of all those speeds, I choose the one that could drill the desire out of me. Today, I woke up and choose intensity.

While the vibrator started it work, I could feel it deep inside of me, touching my G-Spot and massaging, just as good as I wanted. I was moaning and thrusting against it as it could consume my own greed. Trying to get it deeper inside with each thrust.

I could feel the muscles contractions of my pussy quivering against my vibrator, and a warm and explosive internal sensation, right up to my belly button.

My legs started to shake, and my toes were curling, and the other end of my G-Spot vibrator was sucking my clit, tat as this point were already birding out my vagina, driving me crazy on that havoc lust.

My movements were more and more intense, and my hips were going back and forwards. The vibration was just making me get there and the eager of that ritual were making my anal cavity wink as all my sexual energy were going on a storm of sensations.

I couldn’t hold anymore. I screamed!

A wave was breaking over me, washing me away on a sea of fade.

A sharp pain ships through me in a cool explosion of pleasure. My body went into a pure state of ecstasy. I felt like I was floating and for a second, I only existed on a divine plan. My own apotheotic experience.

I let my body inert in the bed for a little and that’s where everything made sense on the butterfly early thought: my body was begging to feel alive and go through this metamorphosis experience as before it had waded to the darkest shade and craved the light until it burns me in pleasure.
That sensation was utterly empowering as my body was responding to my own touch.

A woman is just used to her very own nature and sometimes she never realized how amazing she is- a butterfly coming out of the cocoon.

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